Duplex Stainless Steel grades take advantage of the complex metallurgy achieved by combining the benefits of dual-phase ferritic and austenitic microstructures.

The ferritic alloy provides high strength and resistance to stress corrosion cracking, with the austenitic alloy providing corrosion resistance. These characteristics offer a ‘best of both world’s’ option with a lower alloy content than more expensive grades. These grades also ensure good toughness down to cryogenic temperatures, with the greater toughness giving good erosion resistance.

These characteristics are ideally suited to applications in the Power Generation, Offshore, Defence, Paper & Pulp and Steelmaking sectors. Typically they are used in the manufacture of valve and pump components and any applications that must be resistant to heat.

Norton Cast are expert in manufacturing demanding castings of high quality. Their continuous development of technical innovations puts them at the forefront in casting complex alloys. They have the capability to produce enhanced grades of duplex stainless materials to meet specific project requirements.

If you are sourcing duplex stainless castings for use in sea water, low temperature or similarly aggressive conditions then Norton Cast can work with you to produce a bespoke product to meet the most demanding specifications.