Engineering casting markets

Demand for our casting products comes from a wide range of industries, including power generation, iron and steel production and offshore engineering. Our expertise, commitment to quality and understanding of industrial processes positions us an ideal partner, from supplying standard items to tackling bespoke projects.

Valve components

  • Check valve bodies and flaps
  • Butterfly valves and discs
  • Control valve bodies and bonnets
  • Double block and bleed bodies
  • Diaphragm, gate and globe
  • Plug and ball valve components

Pump components

  • Single / Multi stage
  • Submersible
  • Impellers and wear rings
  • Close coupled
  • Diaphragm
  • End suction
  • Hygienicm, gate and globe
  • Plug and ball valve components

General engineering

  • Mono, Y type and duplex type filter and strainer components
  • Rail components
  • Mixer blades
  • Marine engine parts
  • Industrial cast components

Power generation

  • Gas, oil and coal fired boiler equipment
  • Low NOX burners all valve components


  • Cable protection clamps
  • ROV Buckets
  • Y tools and blocks

Iron & steel production

  • Roll chocks
  • Mill Guides and rollers
  • Bearing housings

Paper & pulp

  • Refiner discs and segments
  • Rotors
  • Roll ends


  • Fighting vehicle components